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Statement of Individual Rights

Lo-Se-Ca Foundation is committed to providing supervision, training and support to individuals with a view to maintaining dignity, individual choice and independence. Lo-Se-Ca will encourage, respect and seek to protect, to the best of its ability, the rights of individual’s as set out in the Bill of Rights.

The Rights We Want

1. The right to employment and fair wage

2. The right to privacy. This means that we want time alone. This means that we want our bodies respected. This means that we want information kept confidential. This means that we want staff to knock before coming into our homes or our rooms. This means that we want to keep intimate details of our lives private.

3. The right to determine our own relationships. This means that no one can tell us who we like, who we love or who can be our friends. This means that we need and expect to be taught the skills for developing and maintaining relationships. This means that we want sex education – to learn about our bodies and relationship training – to learn about ourselves and others.

4. The right to make and participate in political decisions. This means that we want to be “self-advocates” and speak for ourselves.

5. The right to control our money. This means that we want to determine how and where we spend our money.

6. The right to determine living arrangements. This means that we want to determine who we live with and where we live.

7. The right to hire our support staff. This means that we want to be on hiring committees and if we don’t want to hire a staff then the staff is not hired.

8. The right to 24-hour support and assistance.

9. The right to participate in meetings and to know what is going on. This means that we have a right to know what is in our files and what staff say about us to our families and friends.

10. The right to freedom from discrimination. This means that people can’t treat us differently because we have a disability. This means that if we have ethnic, racial, gender or sexual orientation differences we will be respected in spite of the differences.

11. The right to express cultural or religious practices

12. The right to be one’s own guardian. This means that we want to make every decision about our lives that we can.

13. The right to respect and equal treatment by all community agencies. This includes the police, store personnel, medical services.

14. The right to assembly. This means that we want discussion groups, to speak our minds, to care for each other, to act as a group.

15. The right to freedom of movement. This means that we can go wherever we want in our community.


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