Offering support & growth for our community of adults with disabilities.

LoSeCa is dedicated to advocating for improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities and their support networks by providing responsive support services that enhance community participation and human well-being.

Day Supports & Residential Care

The LoSeCa Foundation offers various day support services to best suit the needs of the individuals we support. Our focus is to encourage, model, and teach the skills necessary for the individual to be able to live independently and learn new skills.

Our vision is that all persons with disabilities will have their individual needs supported so their potential can be realized.

We’re dedicated to the lives of our individuals! Together, we are one big family. From our residential programs that give adults with developmental disabilities
freedom and independence, to our day program that focuses on life skills and daily living, every individual has personalized goals.

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LoSeCa is a non-profit organization that relies on support and donations to give our individuals the best care.
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