Transportation Agreement

I, recognize that my duties as a service provider for Lo-Se-Ca Foundation will require transportation of the individuals I am supporting. Therefore:


  • I acknowledge I will be required to transport the individuals in my own vehicle.
  • I agree to have my vehicle with me during every shift, whether it is a day or a sleep shift.
  • I agree to carry a minimum of one million dollar liability insurance on my vehicle, and will submit to the foundation my vehicle insurance policy as per its expiration date.  
  • I agree to keep my vehicle in good repair. This will include working seatbelts, regular vehicle maintenance, and keeping a clean and spacious environment to transport those in my care.
  • I acknowledge I may be required to transport assistive devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes etc.
  • I will not smoke in my vehicle when transporting individuals.
  • I will not operate a cell phone when transporting individuals.


I understand I must have my own vehicle, maintain a current and valid licence (minimum class 5), and carry current vehicle insurance of at least one million dollar liability to maintain my position at Lo-Se-Ca Foundation. Furthermore, I understand I must report the loss of my car, licence or insurance immediately to my direct supervisor.


I understand that deliberate deviations from this agreement may result in termination of my employment with Lo-Se-Ca Foundation.


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