Individual Protection Agreement

I, have read, understand and agree to follow Lo-Se-Ca’s Individual Protection Policy and Restrictive Procedures Policy. I fully accept and understand that abuse and/or neglect can be verbal, physical, sexual, financial, spiritual and/or emotional in nature.


The Lo-Se-Ca Foundation will not tolerate verbal, physical or sexual abuse of Individuals under any circumstances. Corporal punishment or any form of conduct which ridicules, humiliates, degrades, insults or otherwise undermines the dignity of self-worth of Individuals, is considered abuse. Actions which are in violation of the rights, dignity and worth of Individuals are not acceptable. All cases of reported abuse will be investigated.


Further, I pledge that I have read and understand the definitions of abuse and inappropriate use of Restrictive Procedures (as published by Persons with Developmental Disabilities) on the back of this page.


I understand that any violation of the Abuse Prevention and Reporting Protocol will result in an investigation. Further, I acknowledge and pledge to report and/or admit to witnessing any abuse or neglect of an Individual immediately.


I understand that Lo-Se-Ca Foundation has a “zero tolerance” policy on proven abuse violations and any proven infraction will result in immediate termination.



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