Duty of Care

What is Duty of CareDuty of care is the legal responsibility of a person or organization to avoid any behaviors or omissions that could reasonably be foreseen to cause harm to others.

This agreement will be signed yearly by all staff members and will serve as a reminder of each and every staff member’s obligation to the safety and welfare of the individuals in their care.


I, , agree to the following statements by signing my initials beside each one, and signing my signature at the bottom.

I agree that I have the same responsibility to read all documentation (medical treatment forms, medical appointment forms, CIR’s, contact notes, emails, and communication book entries) no matter what status I have as an employee (full time, part time, or casual). You need to be up to date on at least the past two weeks of what has being going on with the individuals you support.

  I agree that I have the same duty to report/investigate any health condition, sign or symptom that I see to my supervisor to ensure it has been dealt with; no matter what status I have as an employee (full time, part time, or casual).  I will not assume that someone else has followed up with it when there is no written confirmation of that follow-up present.

  I understand it is my responsibility to clearly document any and all health related issues, course of action and follow-up required.

  I agree that failure on my part to follow up or communicate issues I see to my supervisor will and should result in formal discipline.

  I understand and agree that I have equal responsibility to the care, welfare, safety and security of the individuals we serve, despite the amount of hours I work.


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