Confidentiality Agreement


THIS AGREEMENT made the day of .


BETWEEN:                                              “Lo-Se-Ca Foundation”

(hereinafter called “the organization”



(hereinafter call “the employee”)


  1. Acknowledgments


The employee acknowledges that the organization’s services are highly specialized, and  the documents and information regarding the organization’s suppliers, services, methods of operation, clients’ families, employees, volunteers and costs are highly confidential and constitute confidential information.


The employee acknowledges that during the employment he will be exposed to and have an opportunity to learn about the organization’s confidential information including its operations, methods of doing business, research and development, clients, clients’ families, employees, volunteers and finances.


  1. Confidential Information


 (i)          Certain information related to the business of the organization is considered by the organization to be its proprietary confidential information. This “confidential information” includes, but is not limited to:

  • clients: names, personal affairs, medical records, service plans, financial and legal status and history.


  • client’s families: financial and legal status, personal affairs and history.



  • suppliers’ names, specifications, prices paid to suppliers and contents of all agreements with them.


  • personnel information regarding employees and volunteers, including the names, contents of their files and applicable employee remuneration and benefit policies.


  • written material developed and used by the organization in its operations


  • information concerning the organization’s business management, financial management and financial status. This includes without limitation, the financial records, as well as costing and pricing information on services provided by the organization.


  • trade secrets and secret information which the employee acquires respecting any process, plan, research, equipment, products, services or method of doing business, discovered, developed or being developed or used by or known to the organization during the course of his/her employment with the organization.


  • information contained on computer database or other computer records, and any computer passwords or security access information used by the employee at any time and for any reason n the course of their employment with the organization.


  • other information related to the organization that was communicated in confidence (expressly or implied) to the employee.


  • any other information that could be injurious to the organization or to the advantage of its competitor if it were not used for the sole benefit of the organization.


  • information that is made up of some portion which constitutes confidential information.


(ii)      The employee shall keep in confidence all confidential information. The employee shall not disclose  

           any confidential information directly or indirectly to any person, firm, partnership, corporation

           or other entity for any reason whatsoever, except in the course of his/her duties with the 

           organization. The employee will respect FOIP legislation.



(iii)      The employee shall not use any confidential information in any manner whatsoever, except for the 

            exclusive benefit of the organization.


(iv)      The employee shall not disclose not use in any manner other than for the exclusive benefit of the

            organization, any confidential information disclosed to the organization by a third party.



(v)       The employee shall comply with the organization’s policies and regulations as established from

            time to time for the protection of the organization’s confidential information.



(vi)      In the event of the termination of his/her employment, in whatever manner, the employee shall

            promptly deliver to the organization all document, data and records pertaining to the organization

            obtained during the course of the employee’s employment with the organization.


(vii)      The employee shall not take any documents or date or any reproductions or excerpts of information

             or data containing confidential information of the organization.


  1. Permitted Disclosures


The employee shall be permitted to disclose confidential information of the organization or confidential information that has been disclosed to the organization by a third party only in the following circumstances:


(i)       to a court or body of competent authority if required to disclose that body.


(ii)      to employees of the organization who require the information and where the employee has taken   

           such measures as necessary to preserve the confidential nature of the information.


(iii)     to auditors, bankers or lawyers of the organization who are authorized by the organization to have

           access to the information, and where the employee has taken such measures as are necessary to 

           preserve the confidential nature of the information.


  1. Binding


This Agreement shall remain binding whether or not the employment of the employee acknowledges that he/she had the opportunity to obtain legal advice concerning its interpretation and effect.


  1. Voluntariness


The employee acknowledges that he/she has time to review this agreement. The employee acknowledges that he/she has the opportunity to obtain legal advice concerning its interpretation and effect.


  1.   , have read this confidentiality agreement and I agree that I understand its terms and my obligations under it and intend it to be legally binding.





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